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What is PartsMinder?

PartsMinder is a better way to organize and manage your purchasing activity.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy

Manage Spending from a Simple, Effective Dashboard

From a deceptively simple dashboard see what’s going on with all purchasing activity at your organization. Make orders, monitor others’ ordering, set limits, require permissions, restrict access, track pricing, confirm deliveries, track short orders, group by projects, departments, vendors, material, customize options, export data to accounting. Execute, track, and control all your money requests and expenditures before it’s too late.

Cloud Based Tool PartsMinder and all your unique purchasing data and history is accessed through the internet. From any computer, tablet, or smartphone, Android, Mac or Microsoft, in the office or around the world, you maintain control. Your data is automatically backed up and password secured through Amazon’s AWS encrypted servers. Only you (and your team) can see your purchases, pricing, vendors, projects and history. You will always have the latest version of PartsMinder on your device and at your fingertips. The data is always yours to download even if you leave PartsMinder..

Automated processes What PartsMinder does is complicated, but PartsMinder makes it easy. Processes are automated throughout PartsMinder. Setting up your first Vendor, Project, Permissions and Purchase is remembered and automated so the second time you’re not repeating steps. Everything is organized, numbered, tracked and acted upon intelligently. Reminders are posted. PartsMinder sends daily emails so nothing falls through the cracks. Miss-shipments, damage and short shipments are effectively dealt with. The more you use PartsMinder the more useful the historical data comes into play for vendor management, project costing and materials price history.


markMeet Brad.

Brad is the operations manager for a custom cabinetry shop; he needs to be focused on two things. Completing projects on time, and controlling costs of parts and materials.

“In our business we consume a lot of materials, so smart purchasing can have a huge impact to our bottom line. PartsMinder is based in the cloud; it means we’re always connected to the right decision makers. That’s really important when we have to make a decision quickly. It also keeps everyone informed about the progress of an order, so there’s no lost time chasing orders of suppliers. With PartsMinder we’re able to empower more people in our company to make purchase orders while maintaining better controls over our processes, and that goes a long way to keeping our business streamlined and profitable.”


Meet Mark.

Mark is an independent Mechanical Designer who uses PartsMinder to manage his ordering process so he can spend more time focusing on his markcustomers.

“I used to spend most of my time chasing orders and suppliers to make sure I’d get the parts I needed to complete my clients’ projects on time. With PartsMinder, I don’t have that problem. I know what the status of my order is at a glance. PartsMinder lets me focus on my clients instead of tracking down parts.”