About Us

PartsMinder’s founders know what challenges smaller businesses face. David Lokhorst and Norman Keevil are professional engineers who have more than 50 years of combined experience running and working in companies in the high tech, engineering, automation and manufacturing sectors.  As is typical for small companies and startups, purchasing began as simple systems using Excel and grew into commercially available ERP systems. And, as is also usual for small companies, it was often a painful, expensive experience. That led them to create PartsMinder — purchasing management specifically designed to suit small manufacturing and design shops.

David and Norman understand that manufacturing and design shops need manageable solutions to maintain control of their purchasing process, but that the existing systems are designed to meet the needs of much larger companies.  PartsMinder is an intuitive solution that effectively automates the purchasing process without requiring a large investment in time, infrastructure, or training.  PartsMinder was designed to expressly solve the needs of the small design and manufacturing shop.


  • Keeps track of your ordering history across multiple suppliers with the purpose of always buying at the lowest price.
  • Tracks ordering by projects or product codes and provides easy reordering from existing or historical purchase orders.
  • Enforces an easy-to-use but rigorous best-practices procurement system that includes generating requests for quotations*, enforcing authorization levels before issuing purchase orders, tracking vendor acknowledgements and tracking delivery schedules.
  • Provides a web-based interface for the suppliers to enter, update, and maintain their price information in response to a request for quotation*.
  • Tracks outstanding purchase orders and automatically notifies the purchaser of outstanding and/or late orders.
  • Provides secure web hosting of the data and eliminates the hassle and reliability issues associated with installation, software upgrades, maintenance, and backups.

* coming soon!