Q: What happens when my trial period expires?

A: When the trial period ends the following dialogue box will appear on all PartsMinder screens. To continue using PartsMinder you will be required to supply your Credit Card information. All of your settings, Vendors and PO history will be preserved and available to you.

PM 16

Q: When I choose the Corporate Plan I’m confused at the pricing. You show a monthly fee and a yearly fee but they don’t add up to the same number.

A: That’s correct the fees are different depending on your decision to pay month-to-month, or to pay based on a single yearly payment. The $479.40 per year equates to $39.95 per month based on a yearly subscription. The month-to-month price of $44.74 is based on a monthly billing. It’s a better deal to pay yearly but some clients prefer month-to-month to preserve cash flow.  You can sign up additional users for $9.95/month based on yearly billing.

PM 17

Q: Do I have to install software on all my devices so that I have the Dashboard and access to my data?

A: No you don’t need to download or install any software. All you need is to Login to your corporate account using your company identifying name, your email address and password. The Link to the Login is always available at the PartMinder website www.partsminder.com. We recommend that you put a link to the Login in your desktop to make it easier to open. The actual PartsMinder software and all your company data reside on secure Amazon servers – that’s what is called “The Cloud”. It means you’re always using the latest version of PartsMinder, and your data is highly secure.

PM 18

Q: What happens to my PartsMinder information and data if my computer or tablet is stolen? Do I lose everything?

A: No. Your data is always secure because neither the PartsMinder software nor your data is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Everything is stored in the “Cloud”, which really means it’s stored in highly secure remote digital data storage facilities. In PartsMinder’s case those facilities are run by Amazon’s AWS cloud servers. You will have your data and full PartsMinder functionality at your fingertips simply by logging into your PartsMinder account, from any internet connected device.