Is it possible to create a list of items to be purchased, like an inventory of all models that can be ordered?

For the moment, I do not care about managing the quantity in stock.  I order the same parts and want a list of items that I could assign to a new PO that I create.  That would save me time.

A: Whenever you order a new item using PartsMinder that item is remembered, making it easy to reorder later.  The simplest way to reorder a list of items from a single vendor would be to duplicate a previous PO with that list. Alternatively, if you are looking to order a set of items from different vendors for a particular product, you can use the Project module with a project for each product. Make the BOM a project, which can have many vendors. To re-order simply open the project and duplicate all of the POS to make a complete set of parts as needed.

Q: How does PartsMinder work with my accounting system?

A: All data from PartsMinder is exportable using our CSV link located on the bottom right of any page containing data. The CSV link gives you the ability to export all PartsMinder information into numerous accounting systems, spreadsheets, or other formats. The image shows the CSV link in the lower right corner of this project report (called Export as CSV

PM 19

Q: Why is there no direct link to our book keeping system? Aren’t you causing double entries?

A: We have found that discrepancies commonly occur between ordering and receiving. This can be number of items sent, extra billing for shipping and other hidden fees, and price discrepancies between what was told and what shows up on the invoice. It is good business practices to create a kind of firewall between invoicing and payment. The Export as CSV feature within PartsMinder reduces most double entry yet gives you the opportunity to scrutinize every invoice against the original purchase order. It’s a valuable safety tool.

That being said, if you still want the capability to export directly into an accounting package please contact to discuss how we can help.

Q: Is there a way attach a vendor’s quote to the purchase order?

A: Yes. Another valuable feature is the ability to attach documents directly to Purchase Orders. The document stays permanently attached to that Purchase Order through its whole life cycle. If you have set up your system to directly email vendors new purchase orders, they also receive attachments. To attach a document to a PO click on paperclip with Attachments tab when creating the PO. You can upload multiple documents in most formats. You can also preview what you uploaded and delete Attachments before you Issue the Order. It appears just as below:

PM 20

Q: One of our vendors is calculating the price for his services after he makes the parts, mainly depending on what materials he has available, as well of the quantities requested. Before PartsMinder, the deal was done over the phone, and the invoice would follow, no questions asked.
Because he cannot give us a quote prior to the job, is there a way to generate a PO without prices, and after he had done the job, re-issue another PO with prices in place?

A: That can be done quite easily by creating the original PO with a zero dollar value to generate the order, and then revising it once you get the final invoice to the actual amount. You can add a note in the special instructions to indicate that is what is being done for clarity. To revise a PO click on the More button and choose Revise this PO. The PO goes back to draft state for editing and the PO number is kept the same but with Rev.1 (2,3,etc) after the number. PDF copies of earlier versions are always available using the View PDF button when revisions have been made.




Q: We order some PCBs from one vendor, and want to ship them to another company that does populate the PCBs. I wanted to add a new address, which I did, but I cannot change the name from Joe’s Marine to this other companies’ name, as the default for the “ship to” is Joe’s Marine. Any suggestions?

A: If you go into your settings and change the PDF template you will find a version that is essentially identical to what you are using now, but is called “Light blue with logo, custom ship-to”. The only difference is that the parent company name has been removed from the Ship To address. You can add a company name as part of a custom address in the PO itself, and can also add Jo’s Marine to your default Ship To address in your settings so that it appears in general POs.


Q: We need the ability to use our general journal codes for POs – or the ability to manually override a job number and enter our own code.

A: You can add a project number that represents the journal code.  Then “revise” the PO and change the existing project code to your account code.  That won’t change the project number, but it will remove it from the page that shows all of the project items.


Q: Can we edit/delete/add our own vendors, I see some that we do not need in the list and would like to remove them.

A: Yes – click on the Vendors page (from the list of headings on the left). Then find the vendor in the list and click on the row.  (Easier: if you know the vendor’s name, type it in the search box at the top of the screen, click “Search”, then click on the search result.)  The vendor information will show on the screen.  When you get there, you will see a button on the top right labeled “Edit Vendor” that will take you to a page to edit the vendor.


Q: As Brianna is generating most of the POs we hope to have some way to show who requested the PO instead of all of them with only her initials on them.  Can Brianna have the option to manually change the initials when generating POs or have a cell added showing who requested the PO?

A: Yes – when you create a PO (and it is in draft mode), click on the Shipping/Billing tab.  There is a field called “Requested by” that has a drop-down list of all the users you have registered.  Selecting a person there will make the system use their initials in the PO number.


Q: How do I edit an open project and change the status to Archived?

A: There is an “Edit Project” button on the project page and a project code selector on the front of the draft PO screen, from the “More” drop down you click Archive.


Q: Can I look back on all the POs that have been received or closed?

A: Yes – if you click on the “Dashboard” button on the left side of the screen, you can click on “received POs” to view the list of received and closed POs.  To sort just click on the column header.”


Q: How do I edit an open project and change the status to Archived?

A: There is an “Edit Project” button on the project page and a project code selector on the front of the draft PO screen, from the “More” drop down you click archive.


Q: (Re the partsminder invoice) Does this amount include any taxes?

A:: The $ amount is inclusive of taxes.  Since you are a BC company, the amount includes 12% HST.


Q: Will it issue without Jerry’s approval (he is setup to Approve my POs)? Or will it just assign a number and not sent to the vendor until after Jerry approves?

A: It will not be transmitted to the vendor until approved. Jerry can see the same screen. If he clicks it, he will be the “approver”.


Q: Can the vendors show in an alphabetical list?”

A: Yes you can do this by clicking on “Name” at the top of the list and they will be sorted alphabetically.

Q: Our cabinet shop is looking to increase the information flow. Do we need a full ERP?

A: Most cabinet/carpentry shops information sharing systems are still paperwork and rubber soles. There are alternatives with real dollar earning advantages. Going digital (paperless) does require some rethinking about how you share information, which culturally has to start with the boss or it won’t work, but once you do you’ll be amazed at how many more people on the floor know what’s going on. Knowing what’s going on is empowering to staff which almost always increases their efficiency, plus it’s a good way to share responsibilities without giving up any real control.

That being said I would not recommend implementing a full ERP system. It’s too big a change and can be quite complicated which means it’s not going to get used.

There’s lots of software packages that just take portions of your operations into the digital age. Think of them as digital tools designed to do one thing really well, and that go well beyond a general excel spreadsheet. Accounting is usually the first system to go digital. There’s systems for purchasing, inventory, project management, CAD, shop drawings and so on.

Having everyone use it is the key, otherwise stick to the old ways as you’re wasting your time.

“Cloud” or internet based solution has distinct advantages. Cloud based, also called webware, use the internet as your internal and external network, so you don’t require any software installation, servers, and your data is always backed up even if you lose a computer. They are also generally well priced and do not require upfront capital costs. Partsminder deals directly with creating purchase orders, vendor management and receiving.