What does Partsminder do?

PartsMinder manages all of your procurement activities in one place.

It ensures simple process rules are followed, and organizes ordering details and history so you are always in the know, PartsMinder is a critical management tool to keep purchase orders under control, and to not let time sensitive purchasing activity slip through the cracks.

Here’s a quick overview showing you how to get started and what you’ll see once you do:

Signing up for the free Individual user or the 15 days multi-user trial opens up a step-by-step startup screen – It’s easy  (give it a try and click here!)1A

Clicking Start my trial opens a sign in page that links to a wizard guiding you through the initial setup. Steps includes company information, tax rates, terms and Purchase Orders setup. Here’s what the first screen looks like:

PM 2

The Orders tab in the Welcome to PartsMinder setup wizard, has 3 sub-steps which I’ll quickly explain as “step 2” needs special care now as it can’t be changed later. When creating a purchase order, once the order is issued PartsMinder automatically generates the purchase order with a unique PO number.

Step 1 in the Orders tab is the option to enter a prefix inserted before the number. Typically this might be “PO #:”, but it could also be a unique corporate branch identifier, or a year, as shown in the example below. You can change default prefixes easily and anytime in Settings>>Edit Company.

Step 2 allows you to choose the starting number for the first purchase order you create. In this example I chose to start PO numbering at 3001. The next generated PO number will be 3002, and so on. IMPORTANT Notice – Step 2 can not be changed once selected, so please choose a starting number that works best for your company. Leaving it blank will start PO numbering at “0001”.

Step 3 lets you choose the default template for the POs. This is how your PO will look. You can change the default template easily and at anytime in Settings>>Edit Company, including adding a corporate logo to POs.


That’s all there is to the initial setup Wizard. Almost all defaults can be changed in the Setting tab (except the default to start numbering – see Step 2 above).

From now on to access your purchasing data simply Login from any internet connected device. Each person in your organization can have their own unique email and password

PM 18

PartsMinder immediately opens to your personalized data that displays all activity in an easy to understand Dashboard.

PM 4

In the Dashboard click through all headings to view activity.

PM 5

On the left panel you can also sort activity by all Purchases, Vendors, and Projects.

PM 6

Clicking on each Project reveals all purchases associated with that project. You can choose to view purchases based on Purchase Orders (select View by PO):

PM 7

Or you can view purchases by item, which includes status, price, and total project purchases (select View by Item)

PM 8

The Settings tab gives you full access to edit and customize all aspects of how you want to use PartsMinder

PM 9

In Settings>>Edit company info > opens up a dialogue box to customize your standard purchase order information including company address, billing/shipping information, logo, taxes, purchase order templates, Vendor defaults, and notification requests.

The Taxes tab allows you to pre-assign two taxes to each vendor:

PM 10


The Settings>>Company>PO Template tab lets you select a default Purchase Order style. You can also add a unique prefix to every Purchase Order number generated (purchase order numbering is automatic, but you can choose to over-rule, change, or start numbering from a new number set)

PM 11

Here is the automatically generated Purchase Order using the chosen PO template with Prefix:

PM 12

In Settings>>Company> Vendor defaults standardizes information applied to new Vendors. The Item-by-item project coding on POs (when checked), forces items on POs to be associated with a project. This helps project managers to know all items are ordered and received for projects.

PM 13

The Settings>>Company> Notifications tab allows you to choose a person (or shared email) that will receive an email notification for every purchase created in the company regardless of permissions or spending limits. It’s a great way for owners and managers to keep an eye on expenditures.

Here’s an email automatically generated and sent by PartsMinder notifying the chosen manager that a purchase was made:

PM 14

In Setting>> Users, it’s easy to add/change users and Manage Approvals. You can increase the number of people who can make purchases, set spending limits above which approvals are required. When POs are created an email is automatically sent to the designated Approver who will have final decision to release the PO.

PM 15

Now we’ll show you how easy it is to use PartsMinder in this short video on

Creating a new Purchase Order: